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Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's play! 29-month-old

Article ni mama copy dari babycenter..

Written for BabyCenter Malaysia

Number oneDay tripper

You don't need to leave the house to have a great day out. With a little imagination you and your toddler can travel far and wide… from the comfort of your own bed.

Skills developed: imagination, language
What you will need: pillows and cushions can help build your "car"; a paper or plastic plate is useful as a steering wheel.

Turn your bed into a car with the help of some cushions and pillows. Ask your toddler if she would like to drive (if she does, give her the paper plate to use as a steering wheel) and where she would like to go. Favourite day trips include the zoo, the jungle, the seaside, the farm or even a safari. Now off you go. Your toddler will probably want to supply the "brmm-ing" noise of the car so it will be down to you to provide the running commentary of where you are going and what you can see. Is that a monkey in the tree or could there be a snake in the grass?

Number twoFollow the trail

Create a trail for your toddler to follow, using an unravelled roll of toilet paper. Upstairs, downstairs, inside or outside… To make it even more fun leave some "treasure" at the end of the trail.

Skills developed: discovery, independence
What you'll need: one roll of toilet paper

Try not to let your toddler see you as you walk around the house, gradually letting the toilet paper unravel behind you. You can make the trail longer by making it go round the edges of a room, or make it interesting by doubling back on itself at times. When you've decided where the trail ends, tear off the paper and weigh it down with a book or heavy object. You can leave a small surprise - like a box of raisins, stickers or a favourite toy - as "treasure" at the end of the trail. Show your toddler how to follow the trail as closely as possible, picking it up as he goes.

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