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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Disney Stack Ring Finally Arrived!!

After waiting for few days, finally the Disney Stack Ring that I ordered from Vivi arrived. Actually it arrived there for about 3 days ago but since Vivi wrongly put my name and my mobile number, the staff cannot reach me. Thats why when I sent her messages through MP Forum, she quickly called me.

Taking own initiative, I called KT Courier (courier service office) and ask parcel from Americaras Express Service under my name, or my address. That'sit ..its there ..

I personally go there and take it. Coz it just nearby my office. Need less than 3 minutes walking.
This is the Disney Stack Ring just after I opened the parcel.

Qistina look so happy and eager to touch the stack ring when I show it to her. She take just thefirst blue ring and carefully lokk into it. And she even bite it! Luckily it soft made toys. When I took yellow and orange ring that have rattle sound showed to her, she just look at me and then look at the ring but after I put it down she take it.. so sweet.
I put all the soft toys nicely in her playpen ( actually baby cot adjust to playpen). She actually had many toys but I put all in plastic bag aside. If I put her in playpen then I put all the toys together ( with plastic bag aside..danger to baby) and I even put old mobile phone for her. She want the actual phone..not plastic phone. See..so smart..how come she knows the different ha!

She's very active. Cannot stay quietly even for 1 minute.. Hope she love the toys..looking forward for the new one..hehehe..


MommyAngel said...

The rings look so colourful and nice hor ...... lucky Qistina, have so much toys to play with. The rings look really big from the picture wor, is it really that big???

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

The stack ring consider big la for me coz I dont think it is that big.I'm not measure it but may be the height is about 30cm (bit more or bit less). I can say it big coz I can hug it when I bring it home..But Tina doesn't know how it should be play .. mama have to teach her

mrsdjones said...

Such a nice rings.. Tina is one lucky girl hehe.. I notice you bought her a playpen instead of wooden cot. I still haven't decide which one should I get for my baby. Is there any reason why u choose playpen instead of cot?

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

first reason,I bought baby cot/playpen because I want to fit it with baby bed present from my younger brother. He bought the one fill with 'kekabu' comes with pillow and bolster for my baby. Said that he bought special for me coz it was a handmade one. The mattress is kind a big than normal size.

Second reason, while searching for baby cot we found wooden cot for RM199 but we found this current baby cot/ playpen for only RM250.Some more it's not only cot but when we adjust it become playpen for istina also. So..more worth is it

If you want to choose, do think deeply. Choose value for money and can use long term one..

Good luck on your searching..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It is really look big, but is nice.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

And now have to teach her play and learn that stack ring.. really nice. I also think the same

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